The Haiti Circle


By Marilyn Ross
Read by Romy Nordlinger
ISBN: 978-1-64091-732-3
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Unabridged - Length: 4 hours - 4 CDs
Released: August 17, 2021
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Voodoo drums beat out terror in this place of masked evil and perilous passion.

So far from home, so close to hell

The lush vegetation and burning sun of Haiti was a world away from Agnes Woodridge’s New England home. Despite herself, the lovely young woman felt a tremor of fear of the unknown when she entered the great mansion of Seacrest to take care of a mysterious disturbed little girl, Germaine Dodge.

Agnes would have trembled still more if she knew of the curse that hung over this place of so much evil and so many secrets…of the giant black zombie that haunted its nights…of the woman who had been shattered on the sea rocks below…of the torment that scarred the handsome face of its master with pain…of the hatred and violence directed at any stranger who dared cross its threshold.

Haiti was an island paradise to some. But for Agnes, it soon was an inferno of horror…

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